Our Mission

Our main mission is the protection and promotion of migrant rights all over the globe.

We wish to achieve our mission by:

  • Advocating for the respect, protection and fulfillment of human rights of migrants around the world.
  • Providing both tangible and intangible support to migrants.
  • Working closely with its partner organizations, national authorities and influential individuals to uphold rights of migrants in a humane, dignified and orderly manner.
  • Striving for the inclusion of rights of migrants at all levels of policy making.
  • Seeking to find sustainable solutions on issues facing migrants around the world.
  • Bringing the voice of migrants to the international stage through activities both on the electronic and print medias.
  • Educating the public through campaigns both on the ground and online on the rights of migrants; and stimulating support.
  • Striving to work in the area of peace and prevention of conflicts in so far as it effects migrants and their rights.

human rights on stairs